Full Studio Membership at ClayLab

We are excited to welcome you to the ClayLab family. We have two floors of working space, big windows and convience location to help you get into the creative zone! Membership at ClayLab offers you a safe, clean place to take a break from the hectic world, and explore. We are a boutique studio with 8-9 pottery wheels. Membership will be limited to ensure everyone will have a comfortable space to work in.

Studio Membership Full

Our studio is currently at capacity, please email info@claylabpotery.com to sign up for membership waitlist.


(ages 18+ only)


$285/Month (w/ 4 months commitment)

$270/Month (w/ 1 year commitment)


Membership includes:

Full access to studio during studio hours

Monthly firing (24 fire limits, approx. 12 medium size finish pieces, see below for more clarification)

Personal shelf space

Community tools

16+ studio glazes

8+ Potter's wheels

Extruders and slab rollers

Light and dark clay wedging tables

Large working table for hand-building

Note: Every new member gets a 25lb bag of clay in their first month. Additional clay can be purchase at the studio

Please make sure to read through our studio policy before becoming a member.

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Common FAQs about memberships

Who is eligible for membership?

Adult 18 and older, intemediate level potters who has experience throwing on pottery wheels. If you have never done it before, we recommend taking our intro classes or our 5 weeks course. Our 5 weeks class include the use of our studio for after class for practice. If you have questions, email us info@claylabpottery.com

What do I do now that I've signed up for membership?

Yey! email us to schedule a studio tour if you have not done so already. upon your visit, we will walk you through our studio work floats and rules, assign membership shelf and you are off to go, have fun!

Can I bring my kids or friends to throw with me?

Unfortunately - no, we cannot accommodate this. We love that you want to share this with your children and friends but we kindly ask that you register a private lesson with us or take a group class. Staff can give you more information. This is in the interest of safety, organization, capacity, and making sure we know who is in the studio at all times.

Can I share my membership and shelf with friends/family/partners?

No - One shelf per person. This is in the interest of safety, organization, capacity, and making sure we know who is in the studio at all times.

What cone does the studio fire at? Who does the firing?

We fire electric kilns for both bisque and glaze. Bisque is fired to cone 04/05 and Glaze is fired to cone 5/6.
We do not fire outside of these ranges (no low-fire glazes or clays!!)

Staff only operate the kilns. We load and unload on a weekly basis whenever there’s a full kiln load.

What is "Medium" size piece?

every member has a monthly firing limit of 24 medium-size piece, usually mean a piece that are approximately 6"x6"x6" in measurement or smaller. between 6"to9" dia. counts for 2; between 9"-12" dia. counts for 3; over 12" dia. counts for 4 etc. Please check with studio manager for any oversize pieces.

Can I make pots that are bigger than 6"x6"?

Yes! you are welcome to make pots larger than 6x6 inches. Just know they potentially would incur a longer wait time to get fired as we need sufficient kiln space to fit your pieces. Depending on how much bigger they are, they would also take up more of your monthly firing allowance (example - a 10 inch piece would count as 2 of your monthly firing.

How does the 24 fire pieces monthly allowance work?

Staff have a master list to track everyone’s firings. Each time a piece gets fire, it count for one. (for example, a piece will get fire twice, once for bisque, once for glaze, that will count as total of 2. Most member don't make nearly close to the limit. This is a rule to ensure that all members have gotten their fair share of the firing every month and to ensure that our studio isn't being use as a production studio.

Please allow 1 week to 10 days of turn around time for each fire.