Basic Terms & Conditions

ClayLab Pottery reserves the right to refuse an individual for a new membership or to cancel an individual's existing membership at any time if that individual acts outside of the ClayLab Code of Conduct and Cleaning Policy and/or causes serious disruption to the safety of the studio, members, and staff.

Monthly membership is $300 per month and does not include clay. It begins on the day you sign up and will expire 30 consecutive days after that date. Memberships are renewed monthly on an automatically recurring basis according to your due date. If you do not want to renew your membership, you must alert ClayLab staff at least 2 weeks BEFORE your due date to avoid any charges. You must then clear your shelf by your last date. If you haven’t cleared your shelf by your last date, ClayLab has the right to donate or discard all property on the shelf. (Note: With manager approval, arrangements can be made to glaze fire any remaining pots so long as the shelf is cleared by the due date. No new greenware for bisque.)

ONE MEMBERSHIP PER PERSON 18 and older. Your membership and shelf is for your use only. Studio membership benefits, including full access to the studio, monthly firing. Glazing & Firing membership have access to glazing station and work table only. Membership cannot be transferred to anyone else. Family and friends who are not members should take classes with staff.