Class Refunds & Cancelations

Students must notify ClayLab no less then 2 weeks prior to the start of class in order to receive a refund or credit. Credits will be issued to the student for future class or workshop. Refunds will be issued back to your original form of payment with a 15% processing fee.

No refunds or credits are given within 2 weeks of first class starts. There will be no refunds or pro-rating options for late registration or missed classes.

All canceling requests must be submitted in writing to

ClayLab Pottery will not guarentee or responsible for providing make-up classes or issuing refunds/credits within 2 weeks before starts of classes. However, we will try our best to accomodate unforsee changes due to illness and emergency. Please let us know as soon as you could, refunds or credits may be given at the discretion of ClayLab Pottery.

No make-up classes will be issue after class session ended.

No individual rescheduling for any private group classes. Any rescheduling will have to be done for the whole group.

ClayLab Pottery reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollments. If a class is canceled, you will be notified of the cancellation before the start of class and will be offered either choice to transfer to a different class or issue a full refund.

Membership Rules & Guidelines

By becoming a member of ClayLab, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to adhere to all terms, conditions, rules and guidelines cleanliness, and any current CDC guidelines. When members join the ClayLab family, you become part of a community of potters and clay enthusiasts who are all contributing to the cleanliness and success of a shared, communal art studio! Staff cannot be successful in maintaining clean, functioning studio without the cooperation of our members! We hope to make our studio a welcoming, safe space for anyone seeking to work with clay.


Membership is on a month-to-month basis. Membership may be revoked if someone acts outside of the rules and guidelines or creates a disturbance that puts others and the studio at risk. 

MEMBERSHIP ACCESS IS ONLY FOR YOU: Membership is for ages 18+ only. Your membership benefits and access cannot be transferred to or shared with anyone. Members may not bring in family and friends to work on pottery. Nonmembers must take class with staff.

CONTACTING US: Often time we are either in class or doing sutdio maintenance, you may not always get us on the phone. Please email and leave a contact number.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Please take care of any valuable personal belongings at all times! ClayLab is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

CELL PHONES: We have some seatting area and tables outside of the studio, please take your phone call outside, not to disturb other members. Thank you!

PARKING: Please park at the "reserved" parking. Additional parking avaliable by the Spin Alley Bowling Center.

CANCELLATION/RENEWAL: Memberships are on an automatically recurring monthly basis according to your sign up date. To cancel, please alert ClayLab staff at least 2 weeks BEFORE your next due date to avoid any charges. You must clear your shelf by your due date. After 3 business days, if your shelf hasn't been  cleared, ClayLab has the right to donate or discard all property on the shelf to make room for new members. (Note: With manager approval, arrangements can be made to glaze the remaining pots.)

KILN AREA OFF LIMITS: DO NOT GO INTO THE KILN AREAS EVER. (Only currently employed AND trained staff are allowed in the kiln area) Membership will be revoked for those who go into the kiln area. Kilns are dangerous equipment and should not be touched by anyone whom ClayLab does not employ, train or give express written permission. No previously employed staff may go into kiln areas.

CLEAN UP EVERYTHING YOU USE AND TOUCH: This is a shared space - clean up after yourself! Do not leave sinks, equipment and wedging tables a mess. Gather up all your trimmings, clean your wheel and stool, sponge any spills at the glazing area, wipe down wedging tables and surfaces you used, wash all tools and brushes thoroughly, rinse sponges out, take clay chunks out of the sink.. etc

RETURN COMMUNITY TOOLS CLEANED: Do not keep community tools on your shelf. Clean and return them. There are clay kits and a wide variety of  tools, glazes and bats for sale at Seattle Pottery Supply! We encourage you to build your own toolbox so you have your own set of clean, nice tools.

MONTHLY FIRING ALLOWANCE and POT SIZE: The pot allowance is 20 pieces firing per month. Pot size should be within 6” x 6”. If you choose to make larger pots, understand they will be counted as multiple pots within the 20 firing allowance. Please be aware that larger pots may incur a longer wait time for firing, as there has to be sufficient kiln space to accommodate them. No production! We cannot accommodate deadlines or continuous production. This is a hobbyist studio.

SHELF SPACE: All personal belongings and pottery must fit on your shelf at all times. You may not use empty shelves, store in any other area, or move other people’s pots to accommodate your own. If you need shelf that can accomodate taller pieces you've made, arrangement can be make with studio manager. Members may not move to another shelf without staff approval. You risk losing your clay/tools/pots, etc if you don’t follow this guideline. 

  • Glazing and Firing membership DOES NOT include shelf space

BISQUE FIRING: No signature = no fire. Sign each piece to ensure timely firing and return of your work. 

GLAZE FIRING: Check in with staff before glazing for the first time. All pieces must have cookies AND be wiped on the bottom. We will not fire on stilts. No cookie = no firing.

RE-FIRES: No re-fires! Test new glazes and combinations on test tiles and keep notes.

SANDING: No sanding inside or near the studio at any time! Clay dust has silica particles that could be damaging to your lungs (over years at a time.)

CONE 5-6 CLAYS/GLAZES ONLY: No low fire clays/glazes will be fired. All clay and glazes must be cone 5 or 6.

If you plan to work with your own glaze recipe, please inform manager ahead of time.

BASIC ETIQUETTE: All members, including staff at times, are in the studio to create. They come for peace and quiet. Please be respectful of the atmosphere and keep conversations to a respectful level. If you have questions, ask the staff/teacher on duty. If it is after hours, email. Clean up after yourself so others can enjoy the studio!

ENJOY YOURSELF; TAKE YOUR TIME: The goal of ClayLab Pottery is to provide members with the tools to excel. Look at each piece and enjoy the process just as much as the end result. Quality will always outweigh quantity. We hope that everyone experiences the joy of creating handmade, unique pottery.

CLAYLAB RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE OR ADD TO THE RULES AND GUIDELINES AT ANY TIME TO KEEP OUR COMMUNITY SAFE AND CREATIVE. We will do our best to notify all members of any changes. Please provide a working email to staff at orientation so staff can keep our members updated of studio policies as needed. (You can opt out of the general ClayLab marketing list but we must be able to email our current members.)